How much space do I need?
Please make sure you have the correct sized space for the inflatable you book plus a minimum of 2ft extra on all sides to allow room for blowers and power cables. If booking a castle for indoors remember to check the height of the room as well as length and width. All measurements can be found on each products page. If you have any narrow doorways/alleys, please let us know as some of the inflatables are large even when rolled up and may not fit through anything smaller than a standard doorway.

What type of surface do I need?
All surfaces need to be clear and level. Inflatables can be erect on grass, concrete, paving and indoors as long as there are no obstructions (including trees and low overhangs etc) or any sharp objects that may damage the hired product.
Surfaces must also be clean and free of faeces or excessive dirt. If either of these are found once the inflatable has been set up/collected, you will be charged a cleaning fee of £20.

Will I need to supply anything?
You will need to supply access to a minimum of one mains (3pin) socket per castle, within 30m of where the inflatable will be situated. If the socket is further than this let us know and we can provide extension cables.

What if our venue has no power?
A generator can be supplied to provide power to your hired inflatable but there will be extra charges to cover the cost of running one. These will be calculated depending on how long you need the generator for.

What about bad weather?
The inflatables are waterproof and our electrical items are equipped with circuit breakers, therefore they can function in light drizzle and showers. However, if there is heavy rain we may have to cancel the inflatable. If winds on the day are over 20mph and your inflatable is going to be outside, we will have to cancel the hire due to health and safety reasons. If Spire Castles deems it unsafe to send out an inflatable on your day of hire due to bad weather conditions, there will be no cancellation fee and any deposits will be refunded.

Will you deliver, set up and collect hired equipment?
Delivery and set up times will be organised with you when booking your inflatable. Delivery, setup and collection of inflatable and other equipment must be done by a member of Spire Castles staff to ensure correct assembly and to be covered by our insurance.
Our staff are fully trained and can offer guidance on how to make the most of your hired equipment.

Is the hire equipment clean?
All of our equipment is checked after hire or wear and tear and cleaned rigorously to ensure high standards. However, we ask that food and drink are not permitted on hire equipment and any messes get cleaned up as soon as possible.

Is the equipment safety tested?
All electricals provided by Spire Castles have passed electrical tests and our leads/blowers are fitted with circuit breakers to stop equipment from overheating.

Will the inflatable need to be supervised?
Inflatables and other hire equipment must be supervised at all times. Spire Castles is covered by public liability insurance as owners of the equipment, which covers negligence on our part as suppliers. Operation and management of inflatables during the hire period is the responsibility of the hire persons. If you require someone to supervise the equipment we can provide a member of staff for an extra price starting at £80.00.

What if there is a problem during the hire?
We will supply an emergency contact number for you to call. If the problem cannot be fixed over the phone we will endeavour to visit you to rectify the problem as soon as possible.

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